Immerse into your inner ocean

Immerse into your inner ocean

Immerse into your inner oceanImmerse into your inner ocean


Soundings LifeBreath


Sound Healing and Conscious Breath  

Reiki & Reiki Soundings


Classes and Private Reiki Soundings Sessions

Licensed Vibrational Sound Practitioner


  Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) has profound effects on the body, and the mind.  We use Therapeutic Singing Bowls on the body for deep relaxation.  




 An explorative dance class that combines breath, releasing, shaking & sound healing to support our energetic field, chakras, our spirit, etc. No dance experience required! A judgement free zone! Even for yourself!

The Merging


  The  journey inward begins with a gentle, guided Yin Yoga practice with Kim Nixon,  moving through the chakras, followed by the deep practice of LifeBreath  with Brenda. 

 "I was lucky enough to attend the merging of Yin Yoga and Lifebreath with Maitreyi Kim Nixon and Brenda  this evening. Yin for the chakras, reiki, sound healing, and beautiful  breath- yes please! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. This is  something you need to experience first hand. Amazing job ladies!" MR  #selfcare #withandwithin #namaste 

Loving Kindness: Heart Opening & Sound Immersion


 We hope you can join us for an evening of Loving Kindness! Julie Gammon and Brenda Colfer  are coming together to create this beautiful heart-centered offering.  Loving Kindness meditations focus on fostering feelings of goodwill,  compassion, kindness, and warmth towards yourself and others. This  evening is an eclectic blend of clearing your field, heart opening  exercises,  guided meditation, and live Sound Immersions  utilizing Crystal Singing Bowls, Shruti Box, Chanting and Drums. Near  the end of the evening, we will deepen our practice by immersing into a  Lotus Gong Bath. Brenda and Julie will be using vibrational sound and  frequency throughout the night to support your Heart Opening. A Gong  Bath is a sound wave massage for the body and mind; it can reduce  stress, alter your consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and  well-being. 

Mainely Women Retreats


New for 2020!!! Mainely Women is Glamping in Andover!!!   Fun, sisterhood,  SpiritDance, yoga, LifeBreath, drumming, Inanna, massage, hiking, Sound Healing, Tai Chi, fitness classes, Reiki,  etc.

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations


Take a Journey Through the Chakras



A moving meditation!  We journey through the chakras and elements to great music!  An inward experience.  We all have our own stories, so each of us will move in our own way.  We dance with our eyes lowered. Sacred Sweat!  Remember to bring water!

Sacred Immersion of Sound, Spirit & Water



Brenda Colfer and Emily Ann Estes will offer an evening of floating, crystal bowls,  Ceremony, and healing.

Sacred Immersion features: floating in the Wild Grace 94- degree, saltwater pool; listening to the voice and crystal bowls of Brenda Colfer; fueling each of the 7 chakra's with organic herbal tonics and elixirs. 

This relaxing, transformative evening is limited to 10 participants

Please bring a towel and bathing suit.  Let us know if you'd like to go on our wait list.  If you are already on the wait list, we are working our way down.  Thank you! 

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

doTERRA Essential Oils

Visit my website to order retail at  If you'd like to purchase the oils wholesale, let me know.   It is very inexpensive to have a wholesale account.  

Soundings for the Spirit


This is an evening of sound healing with a variety of tools.  My Mirror of Creation Gong which is pictured, my Lotus Gong, crystal singing bowls, voice, didgeridoo, Shruti Box, Tibetan Bowls, Drums, are just some of the  sound that might be included.  

Mainely Women in Colorado

Devils Thumb Ranch Vitality Retreat


We are headed to Colorado May 6th - May 9th


Swim year round in their salt water earth warmed pool 

The ranch rests on over 6,000 Acres. They have horseback riding too!


About Soundings


Available for Retreats and Wellness Days

Please let me know if you'd like to have Soundings as part of your retreat.  Soundings LifeBreath, Chakradance, AromaDance, Journey Through the Chakras Bowl Meditations or private Reiki Sound Healing Sessions are the most popular offerings. ***  I'm so excited to add Vibrational Sound with Therapeutic Himalayan Bowls to the list!  Highly recommend this as a great way to quiet the mind and to bring client to a state of deep peace and relaxation.


Are you ready for change?

Do you need help to get unstuck?  Do you feel like you've been treading water or mired in mud?  Sometimes we need help to release, to see with clarity, to drop into and align with  our own sacred knowing and truth. 


Release, realign, rejuvenate

Energy Therapy Woven in Sound

Soundings was established in 2001, at that point I was offering Reiki sessions out of a back room of a little metaphysical shop in Gardiner.  Over the years I've had seven different amazing offices and have had the pleasure of getting to meet so many new clients and students along the way. 

 I offer an intuitive blend of a variety of modalities.  The Sound Healing may include Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan Singing Bowls, drums, voice, tuning forks, didgeridoo, etc.  

The sessions assist you in letting go of nonsupporting emotions and energies, help in realigning with your highest energetic blueprint of health and well being, and joyfully moving forward from this place of peaceful acceptance.

*** Now offering Vibrational Sound Sessions with Therapeutic Himalayan Singing Bowls for deep peaceful states of relaxation and stillness.  

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May all hearts be tuned to the Divine within

  Men by referral only. Thank you!   

unity through breath, movement & sound

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