Reiki Soundings

Reiki Classes

 I teach Usui Tibetan Reiki on an ongoing basis.  This form of Reiki is taught in four levels, although  one can bring forth a wonderful healing with the first level. Great for  working on yourself, loved ones, pets, and clients.  If you are  interested in learning this gentle yet powerful healing technique please  feel free to call or write.  All levels are a full one day class, or it  can be held in two evenings. In Reiki II students receive the symbols to empower their Reiki.  Reiki III is called ART or Advanced Reiki  Techniques.  This class covers working with crystals, grids,  extractions and my personal favorite, sound healing.  The Masters Class is all about learning to pass Attunements and learning to give a Healing Attunement so you can go forth to teach others.  

Reiki Shares

I often hold Reiki Shares for my students to practice and hone their skills.

Class Prices

Reiki I  $150 Includes a $20 Manual that covers I and II

Reiki II  $175

Reiki III  ART  $222  Includes Manual

Reiki Masters  $333 Includes Manual

Reiki Session (no sound, etc)

My sessions are about listening to your body and energy field.  I touch in with you and feel what is ready to be opened, expressed, released and realigned.  

Straight Reiki Session

30 minutes $40 

1 hour $65

Reiki Soundings Session

In this session I open up to using a variety of sound tools to support the session.

1 Hour  $75

1 1/2 Hour  $95


Brenda Colfer 207-557-2664