Offerings for August



August 16th

Sounds of Enchantment 

6:30 to 8  $25

Vocalist Rachel Rivera and Sound Healer Brenda Colfer are coming together to offer a provocative night of sound healing.  We will be working with clearing, harmonizing and balancing our 7 main energy centers known as the chakras.  A variety of sound tools will accompany Rachels powerful voice as we present a song for each chakra.  Some of the sound tools coming for this night is the didgeridoo, rattles, an ocean drum, crystal singing bowls, a Lotus Gong, and Himalayan Bowls, etc.  

Rachel Rivera just received her BM in Music Performance from the University of Southern Maine.  After experiencing the Sound Medicine Expansive with Rich Goodhart, Rachel realized using her trained voice in this manner was something she wanted to explore further.    

Brenda Colfer has been a practicing Sound Healer for over two decades.  She has studied with Jonathan Goldman, John Beaulieu, Inanna Sisters in Rhythm, Sound Healing Academy and the Vibrational Sound Association.  

To register please contact Brenda at 557-2664.  Thank you! 

September Offerings

September 5th thru 8th

Mainely Women Retreat


Mainely Women September Retreat is all about  fun, sisterhood, nature and learning to care for ourselves. With lots of  choices, we create an R&R get-away, a fitness/wellness  extravaganza and a nature adventure camp - it's all about you.  Our amazing staff will guide you through an experience of a life time  and WOW - there are lots of experiences to be had!

You can participate as:
*a full camper - sleeping and dining with us
*a day camper -sleeping at your home if you are local
* a visitor - participating in just a few events

We  have special private services that are add-ons to your experience  (massage, crystal bed healing, Reiki,  sound healing and  private LifeBreath sessions).

 Our instructors are some of the most experienced, highly educated,  loving, and nurturing instructors in the industry. Our classes and  special events are implemented with the highest standards. Come learn  and experience the wonderful chemistry where sisters, nature, fun,  education and healing  combine for a magical once-in-a-lifetime  getaway.  

September 27th

Sacred Immersion

 Brenda Colfer and Emily Ann Estes will offer an evening of floating, crystal bowls, Shamanism, and healing.

Sacred Immersion features: floating in the Wild Grace 94- degree, saltwater pool; listening to the voice and crystal bowls of Brenda Colfer; fueling each of the 7 chakras with organic herbal tonics and elixirs. In honor of Pacha Mama and all her sacred waters, we will also offer a give back in some way.  We will be paring up for the float.  If for some reason you can't make this evening after all, please let us know as soon as possible so we can go to the next person in line.  

This relaxing, transformative evening is limited to 10 participants

Please bring a towel and bathing suit. Please only bring in one bag with a towel and bathing suit.  Leave all other unnecessary things in the car. There will be a waiver to sign upon entering Wild Grace.  Class opens at 6 to allow time for showering.  We will be taking turns to shower before entering the pool.  Yes...this means showering your hair too.  You may also wish to leave all eye make up off... we will be entering the water.  Class begins at 6:30 and will run until 8:30.  At that time, taking turns once again to shower or simply dress by 9.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.