Offerings for November


November 9th
ChakraTribe River Studio

November 13th
LifeBreath at Zardus

November 16th
ChakraTribe Belfast at Ananda Yoga and Wellness

November 23
Loving Kindness with Julie Gammon at the Big White Barn

November 27th

ChakraTribe at Bhavana in Freeport

November 29th

Beginners Journeying Class in Freeport at Time for You Self Care

November 30th  
SpiritDance at the River Studio

December Offerings

December 1st 

Spa Open House at Zardus 10 to 3

December 4th

Sound Healing at Augusta Spiritualist Church

December 7th

Sacred Immersion of Sound, Spirit and Water

December 13th

Beginners Journeying Part II

December 14th

ChakraTribe class 2 at The River Studio

December 28th

SpiritDance River Studio

December 29th

ChakraTribe Ananda Yoga Belfast

January 1st

LifeBreath with Inanna Sisters in Rhythm at Sundara Yoga in Brunswick