Breath, Dance, and Sound

SpiritDance is a blend of breath and movement.  If you've ever experienced a breath class and wanted to move to the music, this class is for you!  I've been offering a breath and sound healing combo since 2011.  In December of 2017 during the beginning of my monthly breath class I received an awareness that this was our last breath class. At first I thought, wow... this is it! I need to tell everyone that this was the last one. Then the awareness grew deeper... that it was done in this format, and that it was time to shake things up.  Literally!  So, SpiritDance was born.  Spirit means breath.  I kept trying to come up with a different name, but every time I tried all I could see above my head to the right was SpiritDance.  I surrendered! haha  

What this night looks like

We will begin with a discussion on how to do the breath, set intentions, then we begin by standing on our mats. We bring in the breath and find our movement/stillness. Typically in each class we do take a song to do something together, like shaking.  Shaking is a wonderful way to support your lymphatic system and it is also a great way to move things on, to break energies up.  In SpiritDance, you can go down on your mat anytime you are ready to do so.  When you go down, continue with the breathing pattern that we have learned.  The more intense breath/dance takes place for around 45 minutes.  Eventually most will go to the floor as I start in with the sound healing portion of the night.  Crystal Singing Bowls or my Gong are often part of the experience.  The Sounding will last at least 10 minutes.  After this we will ground and share.

Judgement Free Zone

Everyone is immersed into their own experience. No one will be watching you... they are going deeply within. Trance Dance. Breath Dance.  Joy Dance.  Freedom Dance. Allow the breath and dance to take you on a journey to you.  This is a judgement free zone.  You don't even get to judge yourself!