Movement as Medicine


ChakraTribe ~ Moving Meditation



  I have known for years that a chakra movement class has been  waiting for the right moment to be created. I am happy to say, the  energy is finally here! I woke one morning after offering a SpiritDance the night before, thinking about one of these days I 'm going to offer that Chakra/Element Class... and as soon as I had that thought, I have could see the name ChakraTribe written in the air off to the right above me.  It is not a name I would have ever thought of.    When I saw it, I knew it was time.  This class is still teaching me what it is every time it expresses through me. I discovered over the years that movement/dance  is a great way to move and shift energy, to tap into my creativity, to  gain clarity, and to access my own deepest wisdom. It is like going into a shamanic journey or a trance dance to awaken self awareness.  This is an opportunity for you to do your own work and have fun at the same time.


The ChakraTribe Experience


We gather into a circle before beginning the dance.  After explaining the dance process  and introductions we begin the night with a warm up to prepare our bodies for movement.  We then explore our moving meditation further by connecting to the base chakra and the element of earth.   We navigate our way up the chakra system taking about 10 minutes for each.  Typical dance/moving time is around 80 minutes.  At any point if one feels the need to simply be and sit down, that is fine too.  As we move into the upper chakras this is normal.  

We gather into a circle again at the end to bring the evening to a close.


Judgment Free Zone


No dance experience required! This isn't about how you are moving,  what you are doing or not doing, or what anyone else is doing. It is an  inward experience. This is about dropping into you and listening, noticing and feeling. You may feel things, hear things, know things, see things as you dance.  If you have ever journeyed before, you might think of this as a standing journeying practice.  We will be dancing with our eyes lowered. This will allow for an inward experience and also offer a sense of spatial awareness. You may find that you are in stillness, or that you dance the night away. Each  chakra will give you a different experience. It can be like you are  exploring 7 different worlds as we explore the elements of each chakra.  This will be an opportunity to tap in and hone your intuition, to explore  your own sacred energy centers, to access your own innate healing abilities. Guided Imagery will set the scene and  prepare you for each chakra/element.  A judgment free zone!  You don't even get to judge yourself!

Yoga Centers, Studios

If you'd like to have ChakraTribe come to your studio, let me know!