Retreats & Wellness Conference

Mainely Women Retreats ~9/7-9/10


Your Kind of Getaway

Mainely  Women September Retreat is all about fun, sisterhood, nature and  learning about caring for ourselves. With lots of choices, we create an  R&R get-away, a fitness/wellness extravaganza and a nature adventure camp -  it's all about you. Our amazing staff is there to guide you through an  experience of a life time and WOW - there are lots of experiences to be  had! You can participate as:
 *a full camper , sleeping and dining with us
*a day camper, sleeping at your home if you are local
* a visitor, participating in just a few events. We have special  private services that are add-ons to your experience (massage, crystal  bed healing, Reiki, LifeReadings, sound healing and private LifeBreath  sessions).

Camp Cedar

Our getaway  begins on Coffee Pond at Camp Cedar in Casco, Maine. The camp has  lovely cabins set on grassy hilltops overlooking the pond. Great food,  class rooms, large spaces for specialty classes, arts and crafts area,  and a giant rock climbing wall with a zip line, are all featured at Camp  Cedar. Private rooms for massages, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Crystal  Chakra Healing are beautifully nestled into the camp layout.

Your Teachers and Staff

Our  instructors are some of the most experienced, highly educated, and  loving, nurturing instructors in the industry. Our classes and special  events are implemented with the highest standards. Come learn and  experience the wonderful chemistry where sisters, nature, fun, education  and healing  combine for a magical once-in-a-lifetime getaway.  

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