Soundings LifeBreath ~ Immerse in to your inner ocean

an inward journey of transformation


This is a unique offering.  Soundings LifeBreath is a combination of my two passions, breath and sound. 

The inner art of breathing along with our conscious intention is a fun way to attain our goals of radiant health, mental clarity, emotional peace and spiritual fulfillment. LifeBreath is a high level and extremely powerful, transformation self-help tool.

This dynamic breathing style is an amazing way to reduce stress and re-energize your body. All you do is lie on the mat and breathe! Wear comfortable clothes; bring a yoga mat to lie on, warm blankets, a pillow if you like, a bottle of water if needed and a willingness to breathe change into your life! Transformation and a deep sense of “Self” is created through the process of deep breathing, affirmations, music, Sound healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, rocking and other intuitive techniques.

What to expect

The first half hour we discuss what you may  experience during the process, how to do the breath and we each set an  intention to breathe for our session.  We spend about 40 to 45 minutes  in the deep diaphragmatic breathing process and then move into a more  relaxed breath for around 15 to 20 minutes.  During the breathing  process I will check in with your breath, placing my hands  on your body to run energy, and will probably use a variety of sound  tools to support your process. We spend the last half hour integrating,  grounding and sharing.  

Private and Group Sessions


Brenda is now holding private LifeBreath sessions.  Plan on a 2 hour time frame for this offering. 

For one person ~ $100 To be held at Soundings in the evening

For local classes and classes less than an hour away $35 per person.  For over an hour travel for 10 people $40 a head and for 9 and under $350 to be split between students.